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Management system certification body

Name of the certification body - Management system certification body ACERT Bureau Ltd.

Address of the place of business: 16, Bumazhnaya street, build. 1, lit. A, part of non-residential room 15-N, office 211, 190020, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 612-89-34



 Impartiality Policy

of the Management system certification body ACERT Bureau

The ACERT Bureau  Management Systems Certification Body understands the importance of impartiality in the certification process, manages conflicts of interest and guarantees objectivity in the implementation of certification activities.

The policy is the basis for the functioning and improvement of our quality management system, which ensures impartial and competent work.

The policy is mandatory for all certification body personnel.

To ensure compliance with the principle of impartiality, we accept the following obligations:


  • perform work in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the requirements of accrediting bodies in national and international accreditation systems, relevant schemes and rules of certification systems;
  • be liable for the impartiality of certification activities and prevent commercial, financial or other pressure so as not to violate the impartiality;
  • identify and manage threats to impartiality;
  • ensure the construction of the certification process, including the adoption of certification decisions, the application of rules and procedures for the implementation of work in accordance with the principle of impartiality and non-discriminatory access to certification services.


Top management in the person of the General Director, the head of the certification body accepts obligations to ensure impartiality during certification.


Quality policy

The top management of the ACERT Bureau  Management Systems Certification Body sees its feasible contribution to promoting international recognition of Russian quality in high confidence in the quality of our audit services and certification of management systems of domestic enterprises for compliance with international and national standards.

The top management of ACERT Bureau during the certification of management systems sets objectives and tasks aimed at being a cost-effective, efficient, competitive certification body.

Our main Quality objective - to achieve satisfaction and loyalty of clients (applicants), remaining an impartial and reliable business partner.

We see the achievement of this balance in the fulfillment of the following tasks in the field of quality:


  • construction and continuous improvement of the internal management system of the Certification Body based on the principles and requirements of the standard GOST R ISO / IEC 17021-1 (ISO / IEC 17021-1:2015). This means that our work of the Certification Body is built on the basis of a process approach to achieving the satisfaction and agreement of all parties interested in the value and recognition of certification;
  • elimination or minimization of possible threats to impartiality, trust and recognition of the ACERT Bureau certificate. When providing services to each client (applicant), we strive to avoid a conflict of interests of all interested parties;
  • budget planning, allowing to control and ensure financial independence of the certification body that supports accreditation in accordance with the accreditation criteria, norms and rules of the international IAF / MLA Forum;
  • promoting continuous staff development, strict management of professional ethics.


The top management in the person of the General Director and the head of the certification body, as well as the employees of ACERT Bureau involved in the work on confirmation of compliance, are responsible for the implementation of all the rules and requirements for the quality of the certification services provided and take upon themselves obligations:


  • comply with accreditation criteria and requirements for accredited bodies;
  • observe the priority of safety over any other priorities in the activity;
  • familiarize themself with the quality manual and be guided in their activities by the established quality policy.



 Policy of Non-discriminatory Access for Services

The ACERT Bureau  Management Systems Certification Body (CB) declares that in its activities to assess (confirm) conformity it relies on the principles of independence, impartiality, competence, non-discriminatory access, openness, confidentiality, and a willingness to respond to complaints.

These principles are set forth in the procedures of the quality management system (QMS) of the CB. The CB is aware of the importance of non-discriminatory access when conducting conformity assessment (confirmation), manages conflicts of interest and guarantees the objectivity of its actions when conducting conformity assessment work.

CB accepts obligations:

  • manage non-discriminatory access to conformity assessment (confirmation) services by identifying sources of potential bias and prevent the possibility of threats of discrimination from one's own interests, prejudice, and rivalry;
  • apply measures to protect against the occurrence of threats of discrimination by familiarizing CB personnel with this Policy, constantly improving their qualifications, rewarding them for excellent work, creating comfortable working conditions for personnel, establishing decent wages, etc.;
  • conduct continuous monitoring of conformity assessment (confirmation) work, the activities of experts and other CB employees, CB decision making;
  • demonstrate, if necessary, its non-discriminatory access to services for the assessment (confirmation) of compliance with an informed and disinterested third party;
  • not allow the existence of unlawful financial or other conditions;
  • ensure the availability of their services to all applicants whose activities are in the field of accreditation (competence) of the CB;
  • not create barriers or impede applicants' access to conformity assessment (confirmation) services;
  • not allow dependence on the size of the applicant or his belonging to any association or group.


Code of conduct

The top management of ACERT Bureau and all employees are responsible for ensuring that compliance is an essential part of our activities, present and future success: 

  • We carry out our work conscientiously, honestly and fairly;
  • We always keep our promises;
  • We clearly articulate the conditions of our work and perform it properly;
  • We follow in our work the policies and processes established by the ACERT Bureau;
  • We maintain confidentiality regarding commercial and personal information;
  • We comply with professional standards and respect ethical standards wherever we work;
  • We provide information, guidance and training if necessary for the safety and health of our employees; each of us is obliged to fulfill our duties in the field of occupational safety and labor protection when performing work;
  • We treat others based on their rights and obligations;
  • We consider the impact of our actions on others;
  • We recognize and value the contribution of everyone and receive accurate feedback on our work;
  • We respect differences, care about others and exclude any discrimination - racial, ethnic, age, based on gender, religion or political belief;
  • We strive to intelligently combine profitability and responsibility;
  • We organically integrate new requirements and activities into the management system that are associated with an understanding of new risks and opportunities.


Information disclosure

In accordance with the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation, ACERT Bureau Ltd discloses information on the existence of affiliates. For information, you must send a written request to us.


The composition of the management bodies of the certification body

The head of the certification body - Valeria  Navolotskaya


Information about the employees of the certification body involved in the implementation of work on confirmation of compliance



 Surname, name, middle name of the expert   Education details Information on experience in the field of conformity assessment  

 Igor Zavodov

 General Director

 Kazan State University, "Physics"  Total experience - 27 years, including in the field of quality assurance and conformity confirmation - 10 years

 Valeria Navolotskaya 

 Head of the Certification Body


 St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" named after V.I.   Ulyanova (Lenina)

 Bachelor of Management. Master in Quality Management 
 Total experience - 11 years, including in the field of quality assurance and conformity confirmation - 11 years
  Alexey Kotkov  Higher Naval College of Radio Electronics
 them. A.S. Popova "Automated control systems";
 GOU UMTS Department of the Federal State Service "Business Administration.  Organization Management
 Total experience - 30 years, including in the field of quality assurance and conformity confirmation - 24 years