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Structure of ACERT

Organizational structure of Certification Body

Performing certification processes in accordance with the principles of impartiality, neutrality, independence and competency in ACERT Bureau is carried out on the 3 separate levels:

  • level of supervision, control and arbitration carried out by the Arbitration Committee and Committee for Impartiality Safeguarding (hereinafter-CSI)
  • level of making decision on certification carried out by Certification and Attestation Committees presided over by the Head of Certification Body;
  • operating activity level of clients' acquisition and orders maintenance as well as quality systems assessment performance realized by independent auditors and technical experts.

In the cases of violation of the principles, norms and rules of certification a representative of the the CSI Chairman can apply to the accreditation body DAkkS.


Our principles of work

Any organization has an opportunity voluntarily and basing on contractual conditions to apply for carrying out certification of its quality management system with compliance to requirements of ISO 9001 in ACERT Bureau Certification Body (hereinafter - CB ACERT Bureau).

Value of certification is the level of public confidence and trust, which can be reached by impartial and competent assessment by third party (accredited certification body).

Activity of ACERT Bureau, which guarantees confidence and trust, is based on the following principles:

  • Impartiality;
  • Competence;
  • Responsibility;
  • Openness;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Reacting on complaints;
  • Risk-based approach.

Undoubtedly, business activity of ACERT Bureau, constructed on implementing contractual provisions with clients, who pay for services on audit and certification, includes potential threat to impartiality of certification body. To prevent such a threat and minimize risks of its being, the commission on maintenance of impartiality (hereinafter - CSI) analyzes all potential sources of conflict of interest between the following parties:

  • Auditors and organization-client;
  • Personnel of CB and organization-client;
  • CB and company, which consults organization-client.

Potential conflicts of interests between listed parties in quality management system of ACERT Bureau are under control by implementing procedures, rules and conditions of concluding and implementing contracts with organization-client, turnkey contracts with auditors, contracts with personnel of ACERT Bureau, agreements and commitments with consulting firm. Control of implementing all these organizational mechanisms of management is laid upon personnel of CSI, which doesn't take part in the processes of audit, certification and making decisions.

To conduct causing trust certification in ACERT Bureau there is personnel, whose competence is recognized and confirmed by reaccreditation and sustained by internal quality management system of CB.

Responsibility for correspondence to requirements of certification is laid upon organization-client, not on CB ACERT Bureau, that is responsible for assessment of revealed objective evidence in the amount, which is enough to take decision about conformity or nonconformity to certification. Any audit is carried out basing on sample in the limits of quality management system of organization-client, that's why it doesn't guarantee 100% accordance to requirements.

The ACERT Bureau activity as a Certification Body (CB) of quality management systems and organization of its internal activity are oriented towards rendering services without any discrimination in relations to the applicants. The certification body renders its services to all applicants irrespective of their financial state, size and membership in any union or group. The order and rules of rendering services on certification of an organization quality management system are unitary for all the organizations and are determined in the document "The order and rules of rendering certification services on certification of an organization quality management system for correspondence to international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements conformity (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules").

ACERT Bureau guarantees confidentiality during work with all information, provided in the certification process by organization-client.

Appropriate work with claims of parties, counting on certification, supports trust to certification activity of ACERT Bureau.


Quality policy declaration

We believe that our strong contribution to international recognition of Russian quality is in high level of confidence in Quality of our quality management systems audit and certification services for domestic companies in accordance with requirements of ISO 9000 series international standards.
Our main objective is to achieve satisfaction and loyalty of our clients by being their impartial and reliable business partner. We consider that the way of the achievement of this balance is implementation and continuous improvement of internal ACERT Bureau quality management system, based on IS/IEC 17021-1 international standard principles and requirements. This means that the work of our accredited Certification body is based on process approach that aims to get satisfaction and agreement of parties, which are interested in value and recognition of provided certification. During providing each client with services we aim at avoiding conflicts of interests for interested parties, excluding or minimizing possible threats of impartiality, confidence and recognition of ACERT Bureau certificate.
Planning of internal budget and management accounts allows to control and ensure financial independence of Russian QMS Certification Body accredited according to regulations and rules of International Accreditation Forum IAF / MLA.
The head and personnel of the Certification Body assume liability and obligations to realize these rules and requirements to the quality of audit and certification services as well as fulfillment of all regulations and requirements of international accreditation of ACERT Bureau.

Register of auditors and technical experts
In order to perform an independent assessment of enterprises-clients management system ACERT Bureau established a list of competent auditors and technical experts working on behalf of ACERT Bureau.

Personnel selection of ACERT Bureau auditors and technical experts list is based on the candidate's competency evaluation in accordance to the established requirements of his education, professional experience, knowledge in the quality field and practical experience in conducting its audits.

Special attention is paid to EA-scopes included into the accreditation scopes of ACERT Bureau taking into consideration the possibility of their extension. The auditor- probationer reserve is organized.

The Attestation Committee of ACERT Bureau performs analysis of correspondence between the competence status of each potential candidate and defined requirements.