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Benefits for our clients

Direct cooperation with the customers.

Our customers (applicants) are the basis of our existence and development, without their orders and their confidence expressed in such a manner ACERT Bureau existence appears to be under threat. Realizing this fact by every employee of the Bureau is the basis of our cooperation with the customers which is being built on the following principles: seriousness, confidentiality, professionalism and partnership. These are the basic principles of business communication in ACERT Bureau activity.

  • to achieve clear understanding of our customers' wishes and needs they pay for our services;
  • to maintain achieved agreements and fulfill taken liabilities within the contract with a customer.
  • Fulfillment of customer's wishes and needs is the first priority work comparing with other obligations;
  • if customer's wishes and needs exceed our capacities then following our principles of communication - professionalism and partnership- it is necessary to explain to a customer the reason of impracticability of his wishes.

Satisfaction of customers is the main estimation indicator of our success.



Selection of ACERT Bureau for certification of quality management systems of Russian-based enterprises has a row of advantages:

  • Promoting international recognition of the Russian quality - is the most important mission of our services on accredited certification of domestic enterprises management system to the requirements of international standards ISO 9000.
  • Certified in Russia - will be recognized everywhere.
  • International recognition of ACERT Bureau accredited certificates in all countries-participants of IAF / MLA system.
  • Openness and honesty with respect to the customer - is our credo on services rendering.
  • ACERT Bureau willingness to find together with the client a consensus in determining the price value of our services.
  • Continuous interaction with our customers throughout the period of certificate registration maintaining creates additional value to the client's business processes improving.
  • High competence and responsibility of ACERT Bureau staff in all processes and at all stages of service rendering.