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About us

Activity of ACERT Bureau as QMS Certification body (CB) as well as organization of its internal work are oriented towards rendering its services on a non-discriminatory basis towards every applicant. From the point of view of its services the Certification body is open to any applicant regardless of his financial state, size, membership in any organization. Order and rules of rendering services on certification of the quality management systems are the same for all organizations and are defined in the document "ORDER AND RULES OF RENDERING SERVICES ON CERTIFICATION OF AN ORGANIZATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for compliance to international standard 9001".

Applicant's quality system assessment is carried out in accordance with the requirements and norms of the international standard ISO 9001 "Quality management systems - Requirements".

Certification body performs auditor assessment and makes decisions about certification within the scopes defined and extended in accordance with rules of the accreditation body.

Organizational structure of the CB ensures reliability, impartiality, neutrality and independence of an audit performance as well as of certification decision making.

Developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO / IEC 17021-1 internal quality management system of the Certification body gives an opportunity to improve continuously all processes of rendering the services in quality management systems certification.

The actual accreditation is maintained in the German Accreditation Body DAkkS. The copy of accreditation certificate of ACERT Bureau is available upon request.



ACERT Bureau carries out the following activities:

  • audit and certification of a quality management system for correspondence with the international standards of ISO 9000 series within the scopes defined and extended in accordance with the rules of the accreditation body;
  • popularization of the knowledge with regard to ISO standards application through open seminars;
  • preliminary assessment of quality management state of an organization intending to increase its business efficiency;

Certification body does not offer the types of works and the services it is not empowered to certify.


Certification scopes

Certification scopes referred to the appropriate EA-code are supported by initial accreditation of ACERT Bureau:

  • rubber and plastic products (14);
  • non-metallic mineral products (15);
  • basic metals and fabricated metal products (17);
  • machinery and equipment (18);
  • electrical and optical equipment (19);
  • shipbuilding (20);
  • other transport equipment (22);
  • information technology (33);
  • other services (35);
  • other social services (39).



Address: 73/33, Rimskogo-Korsakova prospect, office 415, 190121, Saint Petersburg, Russia

phone/fax: +7 (812) 612-89-34

mobile: +7 (981) 807-87-46